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Looking Ahead to Chapter 2
Log #: 5
Summary: Only 4 reveals for Emerald (10/1/23) and things look better!

Welcome as We Prepare for Set 2/Rise of the Flood Born


Welcome to my pages, I'm on a mission to discover and reveal all things Emerald. Here will be a place to look at Emerald cards, Emerald based strategies, and a look at support for Emerald from the other Inks.

I am gathering information on official Lore Story to help folks understand the basic story Lorcana is telling through the sets/chapters.

I am creating my own story known as #LoreHeist; in which while everyone else is gathering lore to maybe help Lorcana and the Great Illuminary - my Emerald folks are gathering it greedily for themselves.

Shaping Up!

With the first few reveals for Emerald cards for Rise of the Floodborn, things are looking up in the world of Emerald.

I started my enjoyment of Emerald with Cruella, Cheshire Cat, and Lady Tremaine being revealed. I liked the trickery in Cruella and Cheshire Cat, but then did a search of all reveals to see Tremaine had the only action recursion in the game. Recursion is returning or recurring cards from discard. Amber had similar for characters, Sapphire had similar for items. Looking at the cards then, it was close to now with full set out. It was about 15%+ actions including songs, and I thought more utilization of actions (one time use cards) would be good. I've stuck to it since.

What we have with Rise of the Floodborn is more utility actions. We have Bounce, similar to Mother Knows Best in Set 1, but targets opposing char and one of yours; I've said from day one Mother Knows Best is utility in you can return your own to hand (and reuse 'on play' abilities). This one gives the bounce (return opponent to players hand, disrupt their tempo, make them pay the ink cost again), and returns one of yours (Lady Tremaine has action recur on play, can loop bounce back to hand). Then we have Hypnotize, force discard (like Sudden Chill) but also draw another to replace the card you just used. More discard is good for Emerald.

The discard is strong in this set. Floodborn Belle is giant Flynn (he discards one of opponents when challenged, she discards their entire hand). With limited draw in Emerald, this balances other colors, let Amethyst draw huge hands, now they have to start discarding more! Bucky, not fully revealed, does have a discard if you play floodborn characters (such as the new Belle, or the likes of Mickey Rogue; when he's in play you can questlock an opponent by playing more actions).

I am looking for a stronger action economy (playing, using reusing actions). I like that we still have Dr. Facilier's cards to play actions cheaper, but more help with this would be awesome to see. Something to tutor actions similar to Amber pulling characters and cycling their deck or something more helpful with ink costs of actions (we have a lot of uninkable cards - but in fairness if more were inkable it wouldn't feel balanced).

So only 4 cards into reveals for Rise of the Floodborn and I want to see more!

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